Wild Forest Whitepaper

Game currencies

In-game currencies accumulate players' advancement and are used as a resource for further progress.

Forest Gold ($FGLD)

Players can get $FGLD mostly from Trophy Road and Battle pass rewards. By improving a Deck with $FGLD and Shards, players move higher in their League and get more valuable rewards, including more $FGLD.
  • Level up fee
  • Challenge entry fee
  • In-game activities
  • Limited Shards purchase
  • Battle Pass rewards
  • Trophy Road rewards
  • League rewards
  • Purchase for $WF
  • Other in-game events

Wild Forest ($WF)

$WF is an on-chain web3 token. $WF is the Wild Forest’s utility token. It’s the main progress driver and a currency for premium purchases in the game, such as Premium Battle Pass and tickets to all paid in-game activities.
  • Unit card rank up
  • Unit perks re-roll
  • Premium in-game purchases (Battle pass, Events tickets, VIP)
  • NFT Sales
  • Zeppelin NFT rent
  • CEX/DEX purchase
  • PvP leaderboard rewards
  • Clan leaderboard rewards
  • High leagues rewards
  • Premium battle pass (occasionally)
  • Quests Events Trophy road (limited)


A shard is a Unit specific element required for Unit level up. Each level up requires a certain amount of Shards specific to this Unit.
Wild Shards can be used to level up any Unit of the corresponding tier.
The primary sources of Shards are Trophy road, Battle Pass and Events rewards, and an In-game shop. Additionally, players will be able to exchange Shards inside the Clan with the other Clan members.