Wild Forest Whitepaper

Player progression

All the time, skills, money, and strategic abilities that players invest yield NFTs and in-game items. Directly or indirectly, all those assets allow players to benefit from the game and make a profit from their play.
Depending on the in-game behavior and preferences, some players will have more time to grind. They will get rewards for battle wins and gain assets for sale. Other players will be happy to save time and simply pay for the items they need. Since Unit Card NFTs can only be generated through the gameplay, the supply will be limited by players actively engaging with the game. This alone creates a constantly changing economy on the secondary market and drives different player behavior balancing the system.
Progressing in the game means building and upgrading Unit cards NFTs. Units upgrade requires resources: level up - a $FGLD fee and Shards, Rank up - Unit card NFTs and a $WF fee. So higher rewards require a certain progression level that requires investments of time, money, and skills. So, in the end, player rewards are balanced by player’s investments in the game ecosystem.