Action phase

Fast-paced battles

Limited-time dynamic battles between two opponents are the core action phase. To win the battle, a player must destroy the opponent's Base. Players may expand their territories, construct buildings, and deploy units into the fight. If, after 5 min, there's no winner, both players’ Bases start losing HP until one of them gets destroyed.
The player controls all Units directly, so they can execute tactical maneuvers. Combined with the Fog of war, it adds an extra strategic layer to the game.
Battles take place on a random pre-designed map that entirely fits into a screen, so no scroll is needed.
The map contains:
  • Both players’ bases
  • Resource spots, locations for Mines placing
  • Destructible obstacles: players may destroy them to open alternative routes
  • Indestructible obstacles like stones or trees. Indestructible obstacles limit specific routes and make a level more challenging.

Energy management

To deploy Units and place buildings, players use Anima. Similar mechanics are used in Clash Royale with Elixir.
Each player has a certain amount of Anima at the beginning of the battle, and their Anima is slowly generated over time. Players can also get an extra Anima rate by placing Mines. Each Mine boosts the speed of Anima generation.
In making decisions regarding Anima management, players face various tactical challenges. Place more Mines and try to collect more Anima to produce more expensive and powerful Units. Or quickly spend all your Anima spamming the opponent with many cheap but weak Units. Since each player will have their unique tactics and individual playing preferences, they will get an unlimited number of game scenarios.
At the end of the battle, the energy generation doubles, causing more intense actions.

Territory Expansion

Players expand and control their territory by moving their troops to specific areas. Defeat enemy troops, place your own Units on new territory, and wait while its borders change their color.
The more territory a player controls, the easier it is to attack and destroy the enemy's Base.

Fog of War

The day and night cycle adds an extra tactical layer to the battle. During the Day phase, players can see the entire map. During the Night, the map becomes covered by the fog of war. Both players can see only limited territory around their own Units and buildings.
Plan unexpected attacks during the Night phase. Or try to crush your opponent by building the Watch Tower to see their movements at Night.
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