Wild Forest Whitepaper

Game entities

There are various objects in the game that include in-game items and currencies, NFTs and tokens. Those objects support the fun gameplay, sense of progression and feature player ownership over in-game items.
All objects are divided to those that exist in blockchain, in the game only or both.

Blockchain objects

  • Wild Forest token ($WF): $WF is a utility token. It’s the main currency for premium purchases in the game and player progression. It’s also used as a reward to incentivise players’ activities.
  • Unit / Spell card NFT: Unit cards are the core of the F2P side of Wild Forest. Even without investment, players can find Unit cards and strengthen their Deck.
  • Unit / Base skin NFT: a personalization element of limited nature. Skins change how Units and Bases look in battles. It is also an important element of the game economy and a source of player income.
  • Clan Zeppelin NFT: owning a Zeppelin NFT by anyone in the Clan grants access to Clan Wars. Clan Wars is a dynamic and exciting competition between Clans with massive rewards.
  • Brotherhood NFT: an early community badge providing multiple benefits to the owners.

Game objects

  • $FGLD: Forest Gold is the in-game currency earned in the game and used for NFT level-ups and in-game purchases.
  • Unit Shards: elements needed to Level up a card. When players have enough Shards and $FGLD, they can Level up their Unit cards to build a stronger Deck.
  • Wild Shards: a special type of Unit Shards that can be used to Level up any Unit.
  • Premium Battle pass: Battle pass is a limited-time event where Battle Pass owners can complete a list of quests to earn Battle Points and get rewards. Premium Battle pass opens access to more valuable rewards.
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