Wild Forest Whitepaper


Web3 community is the easiest to onboard since they have a pretty good idea about web3. To attract web3 players, we plan to combine best-practice blockchain marketing tools with clear communication. We create game loops to create enough incentives for the players to engage with the game.
Aside from traditional web3 marketing, we aim to onboard our loyal community of ~1M monthly active players of our web2 games. They trust us, so we aim to polish our onboarding process with the familiar audience before we hit the free-to-play market.
But our main focus is to involve traditional players into web3 gaming. We are going to use our free-to-play marketing expertise combined with creative approaches. E.g., we develop a content creation program to partner with hundreds of streamers and influencers from free-to-play games and incentivise them to create streams and letsplay videos. They want to play games and make a profit out of it. Our game gives this opportunity and, at the same time, all this content brings a wider gaming audience to the game.
We see significant promise in collaborations with the Guilds. We accurately balance the economy loops to make sure it enables fair play and limits abuse. This way, guilds bring dedicated and well-educated players from multiple regions.
Wild Forest mechanics enable cybersports. So we roadmap sponsored tournaments and collaborations with pro players. We have experience running online and offline tournaments for Mushroom Was 2. Similar to real-world athletes who motivate millions of people to try sports, pro players provide new winning strategies for the rest of the players.
We see an exciting opportunity to experiment and innovate with different approaches. Mix traditional free-to-play marketing with the power of web3. Our marketing roadmap includes lots of research. Some of the other elements are listed below:
  • Community building
  • Cross-promotion campaigns
  • Reach existing audience
  • P2E and web3 KOLs collaborations
  • F2P influencers onboarding
  • NFT sales support
  • Guilds partnerships
  • Direct work with local communities
  • Proof-of-love whitelisting
  • Early community rewards
  • Airdrops
  • Extensive guides and tutorials
  • Paid ads
  • Content creators recruiting program
  • Balanced referral program
  • Game teasers
  • Incentivised testnet
  • Tracking system for rebalancing and adjustment
  • Well-balanced economy
  • Streams and online events
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Sponsored esports events and tournaments
  • Breaches and vulnerabilities incentivised hackathon
  • Viral engineering