Wild Forest Whitepaper

Battle Pass

Battle Pass is a seasonal event similar to Trophy Road. The Battle pass is a level-based progression system with free and premium rewards. Premium rewards are available after purchasing a paid premium pass. Players can increase Battle pass level by participating in various in-game activities.
Each week players receive a new set of weekly tasks. By completing those tasks, players progress through the battle pass and gradually unlock the rewards.

Premium Battle Pass

In each Battle Pass season, there are two types of rewards:
  • Basic rewards are granted to any player. These rewards include seasonal Units, Unit shards, Unit skins, and $FGLD.
  • Premium rewards are available only for players with purchased Premium Battle Pass for $WF. Premium rewards include Unit shards, Unit cards, seasonal rare Unit skins, avatars, $FGLD, and occasional $WF.

Weekly quests

To earn Battle points, Battle Pass owners can complete a list of quests. A new list of quests gets revealed each week for a total of X weeks – the duration of a BP season.
Players can switch back and forth between each week's quest list to work on that week's quest. Only one Weekly Quest list may be active at a time.
Each list contains several quests, and each quest has several tiers. Each completed tier grants the player BP experience points.
For example, Quest "Win battles" can have 3 tiers: Win 3 battles and get 500BPexp / Win 10 battles and get 1000 BPexp / Win 30 battles and get 1500 BPexp. Let's say a player is trying to complete the quest “Win battles” with 2 tiers: Win 3 battles and Win 10 battles. If this player has already won 5 battles, they can collect rewards for winning 3 battles and have already got 5/10 required wins for the next tier.