Clan Membership offers unique opportunities for cooperation with other players and competition for rewards and status.
To gain access to the Clan activities, players must advance to a certain League. This creates a natural learning curve for new players.
Any player can create a Clan by paying a $WF fee. ​​Each Clan can fit up to 50 members and grants access to Clan Tournaments.
Clan Tournaments are similar to single player Tournaments mechanic-wise but have higher stakes. Several Clans compete for a prize made of their entry fees to become a top Clan.
There is an extra activity called Clan Wars. Clan War is a weekly activity where Clans capture territories. This activity enables using multiple Decks. This stimulates the economy and enables players for broader challenges. It’s also a highly rewarded activity. To access the Clan Wars, one of the Clan members shall have a Clan Zeppelin NFT. Clan Wars is meant to be a late-game activity.

Clan Wars

Clan Wars are time-limited Сlan competitions. To enter such a competition, at least one clan member has to own or rent a special Zeppelin NFT.
At the beginning of the Clan War, several Clans are placed on the same map, and their Clan Zeppelins are located at the same distance from one another. Clans are matched by the total PvP rating of their members, so we ensure that Clans of relatively equal strength are matched.
Clans fight over territories and capture them in real-time via individual PvP battles between Clan members. Those victories and defeats define the amount of territory controlled by a Clan. The Clan that has captured the most extensive area becomes a winner.
When Clan War season is over, Clans that earned more trophies in their groups are rewarded with valuable rewards: $WF token and rare NFTs. All Clan members who participated in Clan War battles and won trophies can claim Clan Chest with unique rewards and rare items.

Clan Unit Shards

Exchange Unit shards exchange is a secondary Clan activity. Each Clan member has an option to request shards. Members choose which Unit shard they ask for and which shard they are ready to exchange.
This request appears in the Clan exchange pool for others to accept.

Raids and Collective goals

Raids are future cooperative gameplay. Players join together to fight against the hordes of enemies or massive monsters for a war chest. More details will be provided at a later stage of the development.
Collective goals are occasional activities common to all the players. Each player contributes to a collective goal, and once completed, players get rewarded based on their contribution to the total result.

Rating and Leagues

Clans are also divided into Leagues based on the Rating. The higher the League is, the higher are Clan’s rewards.