Wild Forest Whitepaper

Game Modes

Tutorial Mode

Tutorial mode is a set of PvE battles where players fight with AI-powered bot opponents to get familiar with the core gameplay, rules, and strategies. In Tutorial mode, players enjoy a short campaign with progressive difficulty and prepare themselves to fight real players.

PvP battles

In PvP battles, 2 players fight against each other for Rating and rewards. To participate in the PvP battle, a player needs to have at least one card in the Deck.
Each player has a Rating based on their history of victories and defeats. It increases when a player wins and decreases when they lose.
The Rating is essential as it affects several elements of the game:
  • Matchmaking and opponent selection in PvP battles,
  • Player progression and rewards on the Trophy Road (see Trophy Road for more information on player progression),
  • After completing the Trophy Road player joins Championship and receives and starts competing for the Leaderboard position. Championship Rating resets every season, and players start over. The best players get rewarded at the end of each season.
Wild Forest is a highly skill-based game. This means that gaming skills can help defeat a player with a more powerful deck. The factors that impact combat power and the Rating are:
  • gaming skills, tactics, and strategies,
  • quality of the Deck,
  • Deck balance to counter various opponent’s attacks,
  • experience playing with this particular Deck.
By the quality of a Deck, we mean both the Units' levels and rarity and Unit balance in the Deck. Because strong Units that don't reinforce each other via combos and different attack types can lose to a well-balanced Deck of lower levels and rarity.
In later versions of the game, matchmaking will be based not only on Rating but also on differences in the Deck quality and archetypes, playing skills, and other factors. We plan to add an AI-powered matchmaking algorithm to ensure the best PvP experience.