Wild Forest Whitepaper

Other in-game activities

Special events

The team will regularly run special in-game or web-based activities to engage, entertain, and reward the community.
Special events in WF include:
  • Limited NFT sales
  • Limited time challenges with unique prizes
  • Seasonal and holiday celebration events
  • Seasonal events
  • Championships, cyber sports tournaments, and sponsored events
  • New gameplay and content promotion
  • Partnerships and cross-promotions


Quests are the occasional in-game or web3 goals that can be completed for rewards. Quests feature new content and game mechanics, driving attention to certain in-game activities and helping with onboarding. Rewards could also be both web2 or web3 items.


Challenges are in-game battles with specific rules to create more fun. Challenges allow players to demonstrate their gaming skills under unusual conditions. Best players receive rewards based on their performance.
There are different Challenges modes:
  • Anima restores with double velocity
  • Decks can be built with any Units
  • A player gets temporary access to additional cards to use in the Deck
  • Deck with only certain types of Units is allowed (melee only, flying only, etc.)
  • Constant Night (or Day)
  • Units appear on the map as two at once rather than one at a time etc.
We are preparing different formats of Challenges. Some will be available permanently, and some will appear temporarily in connection with game events.
Expand your repertoire of game strategies to win in Challenges!


A Tournament is a competition with an entry fee. Players must pay a $WF or $FLGD to participate in the Tournament.
Players compete one against another on the elimination ladder. The winner receives a prize accumulated from the entry fee contributions.
Later in the game, there will be Clan Tournaments with similar mechanics.

Other activities

As the game develops, we plan to add multiple single and multiplayer activities to expand the player’s fun and add utility to the $WF token and in-game NFTs.
New in-game activities will enable players to master their skills, find the best winning strategies, accumulate NFTs and play more.
We will work on massive multiplayer activities like Alliances and enable pro players with highly rewarded Tournaments.
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