Wild Forest Whitepaper

Player progression

Trophy road

Trophy Road is a progression element to give a sense of accomplishment and balance the rewards. It looks like a timeline with milestones arranged in chronological order. Players reach them one by one, and the progress accumulates. A player's Rating defines the position at the Trophy Road, and grants a reward for achieving specific Rating values. Rewards can only be taken once and sequentially.
The rewards available on the Trophy Road:
  • $FGLD,
  • Unit Shards,
  • Units cards.
Later, the Trophy Road may also unlock:
  • New maps,
  • New Game Modes,
  • New Features (e.g., Clans).


Players are distributed into Leagues based on their Ratings. Each League requires a certain Rating. When players accumulate enough Rating they get promoted to the next League. Higher Leagues provide higher quality rewards. If players lose Rating lower than the previous League threshold, a buffer of a few loses will keep players in the higher League before they get demoted to this lower League until they accumulate the needed Rating.


Leagues are a part of players’ progression: players move to the Championship after reaching a certain Rating and completing the Trophy Road.
Championship progress resets every Season. Rewards can only be taken once a Season, but they are updated every Season.
During the Season players compete to become the best player of the Season and receive a massive war chest. Top leaderboards pretend for the highest rewards in the game. This creates a challenge and motivates players for the competition.