Brotherhood NFT

Brotherhood NFT is the badge to represent the most loyal Wild Forest community. Brotherhood is a PFP collection that brings massive benefits to its owner in the game, including but not limited to priority access to the future NFT sales, free battle pass forever, increased rewards, reduced commissions on the marketplace, and the status of a loyal Wild Forest group.
Wild Forest Brotherhood players will receive early access to test new Units before we release them in the game. During closed test sessions, a limited group of players will participate in balance adjustments and earn bonuses from the Treasury. Additionally, they will have an opportunity to try out new Units to be ready to face them when a new Unit is released.
Brotherhood NFT is an additional status NFT indicating the early and loyal members, so they may receive other benefits in the future.
Brotherhood NFT will be limited to 10,000 items. Initial set of 1000 NFTs will be distributed among the early community members from our Discord channel.
The rest will be sold to the community in 3 tranches.
We plan to keep 2000 Brotherhood NFTs in the game Treasury for future rewards and incentivization programs.
Brotherhood NFT has a tangible impact on the player’s governance voting.
Some of the benefits for Brotherhood NFT owners:
  • Early Supporter status and access to the closed community channel in Discord
  • Free premium in-game features forever (e.g., Free Premium Battle pass)
  • Increased voting power in governance
  • Raffles and lotteries for holders
  • Increased $FGLD rewards and higher quality Chests
  • Priority access to future NFT sales
  • Reduced marketplace commissions
  • Access to the beta testing of new Units