Wild Forest Whitepaper

Clan Zeppelin NFT

Zeppelin NFT is a limited collection serving as a pass to the Clan Wars. At least one of the Clan members has to have a Zeppelin NFT so that the Clan can participate in Clan Wars. Limited collection size will create a growing demand with new players coming to the game.
Clan Zeppelin NFT owners will be able to lease their NFTs to the other players willing to participate in the Clan Wars. The profit generated from leasing creates a passive income for the Zeppelin NFT.
Partnership pillar for Guilds
Zeppelin NFT can become an important tool for the Guilds. There is a clear motivation in the form of top $WF rewards in Clan Wars activity. It is also a long-term investment with the potential to generate passive income.
Owning a Zeppelin NFT could be a strategic investment for Guilds.