Wild Forest Whitepaper

Unit and Base Skins NFT

Skins are cosmetic elements that don’t change the game balance. Skins change the appearance of Units and Bases on the battlefield. They also create an additional element for the rewards system and game economy. Skins can be used for personalization and as a source of profit. Older skins from limited series will have extra value.
There are several ways to get rare Skins:
  • Limited-time seasonal events
  • Skins for Halloween, Christmas, etc.
  • Themed Skins within limited sales
  • Battle Season Skins
  • A limited number of Skins available in the Battle Pass for the limited number of the most active players
  • Various events
  • Achievement Skins rewarded for the top places in Leagues, a certain number of wins, games played, Units killed, etc.
We plan to create custom Skins collections for esports teams, Guilds, or influencers.