Wild Forest is created on the Unity game engine. Being one of the most popular cross-platform engines, Unity covers all our technical needs and allows us to develop and scale the game:
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Quick cross-platform porting. Unity now supports over 25 different platforms, which perfectly covers our goal to build a cross-platform game, from Android and iOS to consoles and the web.
Performance and scaling. Unity services are tested and adopted by the largest games and studios, which ensures easy and quick scaling without compromising quality and game performance.
Top-quality 3D graphics. Unity supports high-quality 3D game graphics and dominates more than half of the mobile gaming market with the best possible graphics quality.
Understanding players' needs. Built-in Unity analytics helps us understand players' behavior and track and monitor it. With real-time data and insightful dashboards, we aim to constantly improve the players' experience and build the features our players need the most.
Smooth multiplayer experience. Unity is designed to connect players at scale, even for fast-growing multi-platform and cross-platform games. Having Clan activities as a crucial part of the game, we rely on the properly built multiplayer systems.


Wild Forest will be initially released on Cronos Chain. Being EVM-compatible we are open to going multi-chain pretty quickly in the future.
Cronos is backed by with an impressive 50M+ users. Cronos is showing rapid growth and has a major focus on web3 gaming. Being a new chain Cronos team is more open and supportive to the projects deploying to Cronos Chain.

Cronos Labs and support of Web3 gaming

Cronos Labs is a blockchain startup accelerator that focuses on Decentralized Finance, blockchain games, and the Cronos ecosystem in general. Cronos Labs helps develop and promote applications on Cronos and drives the adoption of Web3. Cronos Labs is focused on the gaming sector and provide massive support to ecosystem projects.
Wild Forest is excited to be a Cohort-1 participant in the Cronos acceleration program, chosen from more than 300 applications.
Cronos is a relatively new but very promising chain with a strong community and impressive growth of the user base. We choose Cronos for its cutting-edge technologies, scalability, interoperability, and strong interest in supporting gaming projects.

Security & Performance

Cronos has a secure and consistent consensus engine and a framework for modular blockchain development. Cronos is powered by the Tendermint consensus engine which guarantees security and scalability.

Instant finality

Transactions are confirmed immediately once they are included in a block. Scalability: Tendermint can process more transactions per minute than EVM, making it faster, cheaper, and carbon-neutral. Security: Cronos technology can tolerate up to 1/3 of network node’s failure and detect malicious behavior.


Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) allows Cronos to communicate with other Cosmos SDK-based blockchains. An upcoming canonical Ethereum-Cronos bridge will make it possible to bridge ERC-20 tokens from other EVM-compatible chains to the Cronos ecosystem.

Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

Cronos is one of the very few blockchains that exist at the intersection of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and the Cosmos ecosystem. This allows the chain to benefit from both the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems. Cronos allows rapid porting of smart contracts from Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains.

Strong Community

Cronos is an open-source project, backed by the chain which is already 50 mln accounts strong. Being open to reviews, feedback, and suggestions from developers makes Cronos a perfect partner for any Web3 gaming project.
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